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Here at Great Southern Groodles we take pride in producing confident, well socialised and beautifully natured family pets. Whether you have other animals, young children or a hectic lifestyle, our puppies will bring joy, love and fun! We have developed a unique and highly personalised puppy induction training programme from birth to 8 weeks that prepares the puppies for their new lives away from their litter mates. We shower our puppies in love & affection and ensure they experience a wide variety of challenges, situations, smells and sounds to ensure resilience and contentment. Our puppies are born in our family home, they play in our garden, in our kids' sandpit and paddling pools, they are free to dig, play and chase their littermates, They are "free range" as much as safely possible. A happy, healthy puppy will be ready for his or her new home at 8 weeks old.

We only have our puppies for a short time but during those 8 weeks we genuinely fall in love with every single one, we dedicate 24-7 to their growth and development. That does not end when they go to their new FURever families. We offer a lifetime of support and only a phone call or text message away. We genuinely would love to updated about each puppy's progress. We will organise annual meet ups in Perth and once you purchase a puppy, you truly join our family.

In order to register your interest, we require a little information about you, who you live with and the life you can offer a puppy. We want to set you up with the perfect companion and in order to do that we need to get to know you. Once the litter is born, we will invite you to visit us so that you can select a puppy that fits your requirements. At this stage we require a 25% non refundable holding fee to secure your chosen puppy. During the next few weeks we will regularly update you on your puppy's progress. 24 hours before pick up, at 8 weeks old we require the remaining 75% to be paid.

We have a lifetime rehoming policy and we ask any customer of ours that finds themselves in a situation where they are no longer able to care for their dog, to contact us and we will work to rehome the dog quickly and safely. Please refer to the Responsible Pet Breeders Association Rehoming Policy that we follow by clicking HERE.

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Pet Plan

"Australia's BEST pet insurance"

We offer every puppy 6 weeks free insurance when they go to their new homes.

Black Hawk Puppy Food

The key to a healthy dog is to feed them a quality diet right from the start.

We feed Black Hawk exclusively to our dogs

Our Pawrents

The Dam and Sire selection is probably the most important part of creating healthy puppies. We DNA test, hip & elbow score our dams and assess the parentage before even considering breeding. We have a trusted vetinary team on stand by and all animals are health cleared by them. Our dogs are first and foremost family pets, they sit on the sofa to watch tv with us, they accompany us on days out and family holidays. They attend our children's birthday parties and are loyal, well mannered members of our family. Personality and temperament is vital as they will pass these traits on to the puppies.

Grace is 4 years old and the perfect age for puppies. She is such a happy dog, will follow me around the house, she is a perfect companion and very patient with children and other animals. She is quiet and relaxed in our home, equally happy to spend the day out in the garden and super happy to run & explore on her walks. When you meet her, please do not tell her she is a dog as she believes she is my eldest human child! She weighs 25kgs but no harness is required on walks, our 2 year old can hold her lead as she walks down the street.


Grace is a fantastic Mum, having had 8 puppies in 2020 and 10 in 2021 she is a proven Mother. She loves to run, swim and play. She is sociable with other animals and great with kids.


Ruby is 2, she has just had her very first litter of beautiful cream groodle puppies. She is an experienced Auntie, having assisted Grace in pup-sitting services during Grace's first whelping. Ruby is very softly natured, she is gentle and loving and she thinks she is our youngest human child. She loves nothing more than to be the very centre of the family home, in the hustle and bustle of kids playing. Ruby is probably the happiest dog on the planet, she has a never ending supply of positivity and joy. We know her puppies will be a great addition to any family home.


This handsome boy belongs to our neighbour, he is the father of Grace's 1st litter and is an excellent example of the breed.

Meet Chester!

After searching Australia for 2 years we have finally found our pawfect future stud. We couldn't be happier with our very handsome pure bred standard poodle. MDBA registered with generations of excellent bloodlines and perfect DNA results. He is busy growing and developing, attending dog training classes each week with Vicky and bonding with Ruby & Grace. He is a true gentleman, very docile and has a non existent prey drive. He happily walks past our chooks, ducks and lambs without batting an eye. Chester will under go further testing in the next 12 months and if his results are as good as we expect, he'll be the future sire of all Great Southern Groodle litters

Our Home, puppy paradise

The rolling hills of the Upper Great Southern

We live in a small farming community in the Upper Great Southern, surrounded by open countryside. We have one duck, 20 chickens, quite a few sheep, 2 working kelpies, a retired border collie and our 2 golden retrievers, Grace & Ruby. Our lives are immersed in children and animals! Our 3 young children love the farm life and we appreciate the opportunity to cultivate our land. Once our second child began school full time, Vicky had more time with only one child at home. For the first time in 10 years, she had time to pursue a life long dream of spending her days surrounded by puppies and their unconditional love. Her Husband and best friend, John is a fourth generation farmer growing cereal crops and sheep. His animal husbandry skills and knowledge work perfectly with Vicky's passion and drive. Together we live and work on the land. We have always had pet and working dogs. Dogs have been a huge part of our lives, they are there waiting for you to get home after a terrible day at school, ready to celebrate winning that race and will be a shoulder to cry on when life throws that curve ball. Our dogs come with us on holidays, days out and we plan everything we do around them. They are our furkids. We have successfully combined our love for dogs within our business model and produce on average 16 puppies per year. We are ethical, knowledgable and careful breeders. We want to share the joy we receive with other carefully selected families.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to welcome a puppy into my home?

Puppies need a safe space dedicated to them. Those first few weeks after you bring puppy home can be chaotic as you familiarise him with your routine, your home & your family. It is important for him to be able to go to his safe space when this becomes overwhelming and it becomes his spot when you have to go out and leave him alone. This stops unwanted damage around the home and keeps him safe. We recommend crate training for the same reason and this also assist with toilet training. A dog will not toilet where it sleeps so if at night puppy is locked in his crate he will let you know if he needs to toilet. We love Zac George 

Below is a picture of little Ramee, from our previous litter that went home to a lovely couple that researched and prepared his area beautifully

You can see the use of baby gates, some prefer kids play pens

Desexing Puppies

Your puppy will arrive in your arms fully intact. We encourage you to desex your puppy on your vet's guidance. We believe that a trusted vet is the best person to discuss your puppy's medical requirements with. We'd be happy to reccomend vets that we have previously visited. We can also direct you to the latest research in this area.


Your puppy will have its first vaccination at eight weeks of age for protection against diseases like Distemper, Hepatitis and Parvo Virus .Your puppy should have have a further two vaccinations, one month apart before going out in public or meeting other dogs outside your home. An annual booster vaccination is then recommended to remain protected.


Puppies are wormed every two weeks until twelve weeks old, then they are to be wormed monthly until one year old then Three monthly there after. These ‘all wormer’ preparations kill any worms that may be present in the intestines, including roundworm, hookworm, whipworm and hydatid tapeworm. You can purchase good all wormer syrup or tablets from your local vet or pet shop. Heartworm tablets may also be needed, you will have to get your vets advise if it is necessary for your area.