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2020 Litter

Dam- Grace Sire- Tom

8 healthy, happy puppies born March 2020

Our puppies go to their new homes fully vet checked, vaccinated, wormed, microchipped and have completed the unique Great Southern Groodle puppy acclimation programme. We have had many vets across WA comment on how well socialised the puppies appear at such a young age, Our puppies are immersed into family life from the moment they are born. They are handled by our children, ourselves and close family daily. They attend our kids' birthday parties, hear the vacuum, washing machine and general hustle and bustle of family activity. By introducing our puppies to these things, their tolerance, confidence and resiliance builds. They are used to car journeys. bath times and trips to the vet. Situations such as these can typically stress a dog and their reactions can become problematic. By introducing them in a controlled environment early in life we are providing positive opportunities for learning. We can provide in depth scientific evidence to support our theories and we'd love the opportunity to discuss this with you. Puppies also go to their new homes with 6 weeks complimentary insurance with Pet Plan.

Why Groodles?

The Groodle is a hybrid breed between the Golden Retriever and the standard Poodle. Great Southern Groodles only breed standard size and first generation. The reason for this is that we prefer to use pure bred dogs as parents, that are fully health tested and we know their genetic background. We feel too many crosses, or diluting the pure bloodline will result in uncertainty surrounding the puppies' expected personality traits. Our breeding dogs are supreme examples of their breed, resulting in healthy and happy puppies.

Groodles are a very new breed of dog, developed in the 1990s solely for the purpose of companion animal or family pet. The standard Groodle will be approximately 25kgs full grown, the boys can be slightly bigger and females slightly smaller. They will have a wavy coat that may be low shedding. If you have allergies to dog hair, we recommend you buy a pure bred poodle.

The mix is highly intelligent. Golden Retrievers and Poodles have long histories based in hunting and both breeds are highly intelligent, they are true companions and love being with their humans. As family pets the Groodle show a great deal of love and loyalty to their owners. They have a great reputation with children, known for their easy going and calm nature.

Groodles are medium to high energy dogs and require a good deal of exercise. Regular mental and physical stimulation is also a must and can come in the form of games. Being very human-orientated animals, Groodles love being involved with the family and need regular human contact to remain happy. For this reason we do not home our dogs in families where both adults work full time.

    Client Reviews

    We like to keep in contact with all our fur families. During the first 8 weeks we are in almost daily contact with photos, videos and updates sent to the new families. During this time, we build a relationship that lasts a lifetime.
    Client 1
    "You have done an amazing job, we really appreciate the whole process so far. Rest assured Leo will be absolutely smothered with love"
    Client 2
    "Thank you so much! I already have the vet impressed with all the socialising you did with Toby"
    Client 3
    "Gracie did very well at preschool puppy training last night! She then fell asleep while all the other puppies were getting antsy"

    2020 Puppies

    Photos of our beautiful puppies born March 2020


    This was a highly sought after female pup due to her beautiful colouring. She loves her new home with a Groodle big brother "Benson"


    The one that stole our hearts, this little girl was lucky enough to find a new home with lovely first time fur parents. She is inquisitive & loves cuddles!


    This little boy practically leapt into his prospective Mum's arms! He chose her, and she chose him


    Our beautiful Lily has a quiet nature that will suit her new owners perfectly


    This chunky boy is the new best friend of a young boy suffering anxiety. He will be the perfect companion.


    Much like her Mum, Gracie is a relaxed puppy around all situations, is a fast learner and has a loving nature.


    Cute as a button, she joined a busy family with a labradoodle. She will have endless playmates and be smothered with love.


    An absolute hit with his new family, he is loving his best life with two young girls that adore him